About Us

Pest-Away aims to be a catalyst of change in the nascent pest control industry in the Philippines with the use of the latest technology and tools in the market. As a professional pest control service company, Pest-Away does not simply provide quality service, but the corporation is constantly innovating its services by doing research and discovering new technologies to satisfy its clients. Such passion for customer service makes the corporation as the only pest control company certified to use the “Mist-Away”, a process that includes: (1) An automated insect misting machine; (2) An advance misting technology with a dusk and dawn controller; (3) Pyrethrum insecticide (an extract from chrysanthemum flowers). To further enhance its services, the corporation acquired HomeSafe’s patented termite detection application, which involve infrared scanning, moisture meter reading, acoustic scanning, and boroscope confirmation of termites. To date, no other pest control followed suit.From its inception in 1999, Pest-Away has grown into a business enterprise serving more than 3,000 satisfied clients. Operations have grown rapidly servicing accounts nationwide, as far as Baguio, Tacloban and Davao. Moving forward, it has become an active member of various management organizations to improve its operations. These include: Pest Control Association of the Philippines (PCAP), National Pest Management Association (NPMA), Philippine Federation of Pest Management Operators’ Association Inc. (PFPMOA), and the Building and Owners Management Association of the Philippines (BOMAP). With quality service and innovation at the core of its business, Pest-Away is identified as the best in its field. Its unparalleled services from competitors alone makes it the preferred brand or pest control management and solutions of home and business owners alike. Couple this with its underlying motivation to remain outstanding in the industry, complete protection against pests is only, and all the more evident with Pest-Away.