HomeSafe Inspection

Pest-Away is the pioneer and sole user of the Home Safe inspection technology in the Philippines.

Infrared Sensor

Most termites bring in their own water supply to survive. HomeSafe’s customized infrared camera detects “cold spots” in the walls caused by moisture in a termite colony.

  • Pinpoints possible termite infestations quickly and accurately
  • Detects termite activity before outward damage is evident
  • Speeds up the termite inspection process
  • Is integrated with a camcorder to record infrared and digital images
  • Detects mice, rats and other pests
  • Provides inspectors with important information that could range from energy loss and electrical problems to water damage and structural concerns.

Acoustic Pattern Recognition

These handheld, needle-like probes utilize highly sensitive sensors designed to detect termite noises that the human ear can’t hear.

  • Audio signals are analyzed by specialized Pattern Recognition Software that confirms termite sounds.
  • Is up to 5 1/2 times more effective than traditional detection techniques.
  • Confirms termite infestations on the spot rapidly and objectively
  • Screens out electronic and ambient noise to reduce false positives
  • Is fast and efficient
  • Is completely non-destructive
  • Minimizes risk of human error